Introducing Ring-Drive™
Dividing a wheel into two parts allows ORBIS to reduce un-sprung weight by 50% and improve mechanical braking by 40%. Ring-Drive reduces the rotational inertia of an aluminum wheel, offering the benefits of a carbon composite at a fraction of the cost.
Global Media Awards Winner
An esteemed panel of international media judges has selected ORBIS as a winner for showcasing one of the best products at this year's SEMA Show. The ORBIS product was chosen based on its level of international consumer appeal.

ORBIS’s patented technology divides a wheel or cog into two essential parts, a stationary hub and a rim or “ring.” The ring rotates about the stationary hub, driven by a lightweight, high-speed motor. Ring-Wheel™, Ring-Drive™, and Ring-Track™ are three iterations of the core technology.

ORBIS wheels bring multiple benefits to 4-wheeled vehicles. The Ring-Driven™ wheel weighs no more than a conventional wheel, yet incorporates the entire drivetrain and braking system for that wheel.

Dr. Maury Hull of the UC Davis Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department found the patented ”3-point bearing spider” demonstrates a “five-fold reduction” in the coefficient of dynamic friction versus a conventional wheel.