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ORBIS eMODS™ offer unprecedented economic and ecological benefits in the business of Last-Mile delivery.


With a payload higher than an F150 but fuel efficiency equivalent to a Tesla Model 3, the ORBIS eMOD is the first electric commercial vehicle that has a lower per-mile cost basis than internal combustion alternatives. 

Easy Assembly

The vehicle is engineered in modules that can be assembled by laypeople in just a few hours which invites rapid deployment anywhere on the planet. Level-2 charging infrastructure is unnecessary to reduce deployment costs by millions or in some cases billions of dollars in upfront capital expense. eMODS begin at less than $20,000 each and present with nearly limitless configurations including refrigerated “service modules”.

eMOD hot-swappable batteries

The patented ORBIS P5 in-wheel motor system is the lynchpin for a patent-pending vehicle that offers unlimited range via a portable battery exchange network coming to a city or a community near you. 


Solar Array

The optional solar array supports first responders and construction crews alike providing on-site sources of AC and DC while completely off-the-grid. The ORBIS P5 also generates electricity when in “flywheel-mode” while the portable batteries incorporate an AC inverter that can be utilized independently of the vehicle during power outages. 

Reservations will open in September 2021