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The Green New Wheel

The electric future just became affordable through  ORBIS’s elimination of the typical electric vehicle cost penalty.

And perhaps more importantly, this technology brings efficient electric transportation years closer by offering a method to adapt current internal combustion vehicles to part-time electric operation.

How It Works

Here’s one scenario: In a typical urban setting, vehicles move at an average of 30mph or lower and consume the bulk of their fuel while idling. Stopped or moving slowly, the internal combustion engine operates less efficiently and emits more pollutants than at higher speeds.

A vehicle with OrbisWheels™ installed on the non-driven wheels, on the other hand, would operate on electric power under 30 MPH, reserving fossil-fuel use for higher speed travel.

OrbisWheels™ are a complete system that integrates into existing vehicle management. In addition to the wheels, a battery and ECU interface complete the conversion — all in an installation operation taking approximately 2 hours. Cost of the system which includes a lightweight, high-performance LiION battery (under 100 pounds) is amortized over 10 years at $100 per month. This economic breakthrough facilitates immediate investment recovery and realized profit as gas cost drops from $15/day average to $7.50 per day at 50% electric usage. Testing shows at typical urban speeds of 30-mph and under that the savings can easily reach 75% or more daily.

In real world testing, OrbisWheels™ are proving to be robust and low maintenance, and allow for “intelligent incorporation” and contributing valuable data to vehicle management systems.

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