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Motor Trend Announces ORBIS’s Honda Type R Goes 0-60 Faster

Mill Valley, CA, August 13, 2018 — ORBIS Wheels, Inc. takes their Ring-Drive™-equipped Honda Type R to the Hyundai Motor Group California Proving Ground at the behest of Motor Trend. On the eve of the 2019 Car of the Year evaluation period, a Motor Trend chief tester finds that ORBIS shaves 0.6 seconds off 0-60. Read more at Motor Trend.

ORBIS Wheels, Inc. is revolutionizing the transportation industry through Ring-Drive™ technology.  ORBIS’ patented Ring-Drive™ wheels add 50hp per wheel while simultaneously improving mechanical braking with no unsprung weight penalty. ORBIS technology can bolt-on to any vehicle, yielding an AWD vehicle with significant improvements in torque, acceleration, fuel economy and emissions.

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