Retrofit Kits for Towables

Once you’ve seen what OrbisWheels add to your main transport vehicle, you might ask if it is possible to utilize the same technology for the rest of your “fleet”, and the answer is “yes!”

With our retrofit kit specifically developed for towables, adding responsiveness and power to just about any wheeled addition to your vehicle is a breeze.

The same options apply here: Direct-to-axle, whether powered or unpowered, as well as with the optional in-wheel electric motor for hybrid solutions. We have pre-selected the most suitable battery and converter combinations for just this purpose.

Bass Boat Trailers

On-ground transport can be the more challenging part of getting your boat safely to the harbor.

Increase safety of operation with better braking and faster response to varying ground surfaces with the decreased unsprung weight of the OrbisWheels. 

Or add powered wheels to the trailer to conquer those uphill climbs that put the towing capability of your vehicle to test.

Recreational Vehicles

Have you ever gotten your RV stuck in a spot where it seemed more likely that you are going to stay there for good — whether you liked it or not?

Additional power is welcome for RVs. The more weight you are pulling behind you, and the more steep the uphill, the more you appreciate the extra boost.

Zero weight is added to your combination by switching to a motored OrbisWheel.

Commercial Trailers

Give new life to your commercial fleet vehicles. Watch your miles per gallon soar to new heights or increase vehicle carrying capacity by removing weight at the wheels. One way or the other, you win in the equation.

With motorized OrbisWheels you can use on-demand power to take the load off the truck engine. Regenerate power when braking or driving downhill. Engage and disengage the motor as needed or automate power distribution based on vehicle speed and inclination.

We stand ready to add intelligence and power to your trailer wheels.